Lecture I.1.3 - Symbolism and the Individual

Lecture I.1.3 - Symbolism and the Individual


These two systems of ideal--one teaching the beauty and majesty of the religious submission before God, the other the heroism of the humanistic insistence of the values of man--are in collision, and distinctly so in the Christian tradition, I would say, more than in any others.... Christ is God, who has come down to do this, and we are not God. In the Indian story that I spoke of earlier, all of us are that being. The divine power is immanent in us all, and what the god incarnate represents is our own very being. ~Joseph Campbell

Two systems of ideals--one teaching the beauty and majesty of submission to God, the other emphasizing the values of heroism and humankind--have long been at odds, especially in the Christian tradition. In this lecture, Joseph Campbell explores the concepts of Christ both as a Promethean figure and a Job figure--bringing the fire of redemption, suffering for our sins--and describes the crucifix as a synthesizing symbol, a sign of divinity and humanity alike.

Running time: approx. 60 minutes


  • Model: Audio Lecture
  • Artist: Joseph Campbell
  • Music Genre: Spoken Word

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