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Historical Atlas -Living Peoples Cover

Joseph Campbell's multivolume Historical Atlas of World Mythology marked the culmination of his career as scholar, writer, teacher, and one of the foremost interpreters of our sacred traditions. JCF has always planned to make all the existing work available (and release additional volumes if possible) in a series of E-Singles as each section of this massive work is completed.

JCF is pleased to announce Living Peoples of the Tropical Forest, the next installment of the Historical Atlas of World Mythology—Digital Edition. Here Joseph Campbell explores the mythologies and cultures of the hunting/gathering tribes of the equatorial rainforests. Focusing on the particular myths and rituals of tribes from Central Africa, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacifica, Campbell looks at similarities and differences between these tribes' myths, and what that tells us about these cultures and the jungle environment in which they live.

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Trick or Treat

In keeping with the spirit of the season, JCF is offering the digital essay Trick or Treat: Hallowe'en, Masks, and Living Your Myth as our thank you with a donation of $1.99 or more.

In this previously unreleased E-Single, Joseph Campbell examines the roots of Halloween, explores the power of masks and symbols, and looks at just what it means to play a role and live in a myth. Trick or Treat highlights Campbell at his most whimsical, and most serious, discussing a favorite topic: the myths we live by.

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Alchemy Youth

In Finding the Gold Within, documentarian Karina Epperlein follows six young men as they enter their first year of college. Each has personal circumstances to overcome as he works to escape the straitjacket of contemporary stereotypes, and each has participated from sixth grade on in Alchemy, a myth-centered mentoring program that fosters reflection, critical thinking, and living an authentic life. As they face a whole new level of challenges armed only with their dreams and their stories, the film asks, "Will each be able to find the gold within?"

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Oriental Mythology

JCF is pleased to announce the electronic publication of Oriental Mythology, available for digital download when you donate $9.99 to the Foundation.

In this second volume of the Masks of God, the pre-emininent mythologist looks at Asian mythology as it developed over the course of five thousand years into the distinctive religions of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and Japan. This new digital edition includes over forty new illustrations.

The Masks of God is a four-volume study of world religion and myth that stands as one of Joseph Campbell's masterworks. The other three volumes of this series are in the process of being revised, edited, and formatted for digital release.

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Three New Joseph Campbell Lectures!   Print | 

Lecture II.3.3 Album Cover

These lectures, recorded in 1971-72, have never before been commercially released. (Given the age and state of original tapes, there may be background noise at points, though Campbell's words are clear). Click on album cover above, or Series II link, to learn more or to download.

Any of three new talks in Series II, Volume 3 of the Joseph Campbell Audio Collection are now available for download as our Thank You gift when you donate $5.99 to JCF:

Lecture II.3.3 – The Mythic Image  – Joseph Campbell delves into the compelling psychology of Carl Jung, including how psychological functions manifest, both consciously and unconsciously, in individual experience.

Lecture II.3.4 – The Mythic Goddess –  In this lecture, delivered at Sarah Lawrence, Campbell focuses on the feminine, presenting the many roles the Goddess has played in different mythologies through the millennia.

Lecture II.3.5 – Mythologies of Alienation & Rapture – Campbell examines the concept of duality and its expression in Christianity, as compared to Kundalini yoga, psychology, and psychedelic experiences.  

Bridging the Pacific   Print | 

Robert Walter & Han Yan

Cheers Publishing CEO Han Yan and JCF President Robert Walter at the National Arts Club

On May 17, 2014, at the National Arts Club in New York (where Joseph Campbell accepted the Medal of Honor for Literature in 1985), the Joseph Campbell Foundation and Cheers Publishing of Beijing signed an historic agreement to translate and publish Campbell's seminal work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, in China!

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The recognition of cultural cycles is the recognition that there is in the history of a culture a beginning, a middle, & an end ... That is the pattern for all organic forms. Recognizing cultural cycles means one sees cultures as an organism & cultural history as an organic history. We are going through the cycle and have to say "Yes" to it.