Brainpickings: How to Find Your Bliss   Print | 

 Power of Myth cover Joseph Campbell on What It Takes to Have a Fulfilling Life
“You have to learn to recognize your own depth.”–– Joseph Campbell
In this thoughtful piece for Brainpickings, author Maria Popova re-examines The Power of Myth and finds Joseph Campbell's words still relevant today: "Campbell saw as the greatest human transgression 'the sin of inadvertence, of not being alert, not quite awake.' This, perhaps, is why the most rewarding part of the conversation deals with the dictum that has come to encapsulate Campbell’s philosophy on life: 'Follow your bliss.' Decades before the screaming tyranny of work/life balance reached its modern crescendo, Campbell put a sympathetic ear to the soul’s cry and identified with enormous elegance and precision the root of our existential dissatisfaction ..."
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Early Hunters of the Open Plains   Print | 

Historical Atlas -Early Hunters cover

“A recognition of the mystery of death, and therewith, of life, marks the spiritual separation of man from the beasts.” —Joseph Campbell

JCF is pleased to announce the release of Early Hunters of the Open Plains , the next installment of the Historical Atlas of World Mythology (Digital Edition) . Here Joseph Campbell explores the very earliest signs of human myth-making. Starting with ancient burials and the astonishing ceremonial caves of the great Paleolithic hunting plains, and following up through the stories and rituals of modern hunter-gatherers in the !Kung of southern Africa, he explores the close relationship of the hunter to the hunted, and the way in which humans have attempted to live in spiritual balance while living literally on the deaths of their neighbor creatures.

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Mythological ToolBox┬« Playshop at Spillian, July 12-17, 2015    Print | 

Spillian Logo

JCF is delighted to announce the second Mythological Toolbox® PlayShop at Spillian in the Catskills the East Coast – the sole location for this workshop on the East Coast after 30 years at the world-famous Esalen Institute in California. This summer's event, titled "Your Hero's Journey Redux," takes place July 12-17 at Spillian, in Fleischmann's, New York. Activities will be facilitated by Robert Walter, Joseph Campbell’s editor for a decade, president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and a poet/playwright with several decades of experience as group leader, teacher, publisher, and theatrical producer/director/designer.

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THE CALL OF WISDOM, Sunday June 7, 6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST   Print | 

Phil Cousineau

Host and JCF Fellow Phil Cousineau mixes evocative film segments with deep discussion.


GLOBAL SPIRIT is a unique inquiry into humankind’s belief systems, wisdom traditions, and states of consciousness. A compelling segment from The Power of Myth, featuring Joseph Campbell discussing the female goddess principle, is included in this weekend's televised premiere of Global Spirit's THE CALL OF WISDOM.

Global Spirit host (and JCF Fellow) Phil Cousineau is joined by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD (noted author, activist, and Jungian analyst) and Roger Walsh, MD, Ph.D (professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology) in examining the nature of wisdom.

Broadcast airs Sunday, June 7, at 6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST on national satellite channel Link TV (DIRECTTV Channel 375 | DISH Network Ch 9410), and will be streamed live over the internet (followed by a live webcast where viewers can pose questions to the guests)

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Changing of the Guard   Print | 

 Ty's Farewell The Mythological RoundTable® Group of Northeast Georgia recently celebrated the retirement of Ty and Jeanna Collins, who together in 1994 founded JCF's oldest group! Members of the the local group were joined by Mythic Imagination Institute Founder Michael Karlin, JCF's first RoundTable Coordinator, Rebecca Armstrong, Cherokee clansman James "Bo" Taylor, and Joseph Campbell Foundation President Robert Walter, among others, to mark this occasion.

Thank you, Ty and Jeanna, for your years of service sharing Joseph Campbell's mythological vision.

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Living Peoples of the Equatorial Forest   Print | 

Historical Atlas -Living Peoples Cover

Joseph Campbell's multivolume Historical Atlas of World Mythology marked the culmination of his career as scholar, writer, teacher, and one of the foremost interpreters of our sacred traditions. JCF has always planned to make all the existing work available (and release additional volumes if possible) in a series of E-Singles as each section of this massive work is completed.

JCF is pleased to announce Living Peoples of the Equatorial Forest, the next installment of the Historical Atlas of World Mythology—Digital Edition. Here Joseph Campbell explores the mythologies and cultures of the hunting/gathering tribes of the equatorial rainforests. Focusing on the particular myths and rituals of tribes from Central Africa, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacifica, Campbell looks at similarities and differences between these tribes' myths, and what that tells us about these cultures and the jungle environment in which they live.

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