Mythological ToolBox at Esalen, March 27-April 1, 2015   Print | 

Esalen Cliff Baths 

Every year for decades, Joseph Campbell celebrated his birthday by spending a week at Esalen. JCF has continued the tradition of "Campbell week" with an exploration of the personal myths shaping our lives.

This year's 23nd edition of the Mythological ToolBox™ Playshop is entitled "Retooling Your Hero's Journey Redux."

Robert Walter, Joseph Campbell's editor, publisher, and JCF President, will lead the activities, joined by special guests.

If you dare to revision yourself, you are invited to join our improvisational rebirth rituals, March 27-April 1, 2016, at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA. For more information on this year's Mythological ToolBox™ Playshop or to register, visit this page>>

New Joseph Campbell Book!   Print | 

Romance of the Grail Cover JCF is pleased to announce Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth, the latest volume by Joseph Campbell, is available now in bookstores everywhere!

Romance of the Grail displays Campbell’s infectious enthusiasm for storytelling, the stunning depth of his scholarship, and his ability to convey complex ideas to a wide range of audiences. It draws from the deep well of materials left behind after Campbell’s death, including his never-before-published master’s thesis, “The Dolorous Stroke.” Throughout the book, he reveals new meaning in the stories of such beloved characters as Merlin, Gawain, and Guinevere.
Editor Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D. (Chair of Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute), argues that Campbell’s entire career was informed by his study of the Arthurian Romances of the Middle Ages. For Campbell, the Arthurian legends:
• open up the whole rich world of comparative mythology

• represent the world’s first “secular mythology,” in which the stories should be interpreted as metaphors of the natural stages of spiritual growth and as symbols of the individuation process

• reveal the origins of what Campbell called “Amor” — a special love in which individuals become more fully themselves through profound connection

“Smith provides well-rounded and concise essential readings on Arthurian mythology by one of America’s leading mythologists and incredible storytellers. Highly recommended for readers interested in Campbell, mythology, or Arthurian studies.” Library Journal (Sept. 2015)

“Known as the man who made mythology accessible to the masses, Campbell presents his material clearly enough for academics and laymen alike.”  FOREWARD Reviews (upcoming Winter 2016 issue).

Click here to order from publisher New World Library for $24.95


Romance of the Grail is the latest result of Joseph Campbell Foundation’s ongoing mission to keep Joseph Campbell’s mythic vision alive (a mission that includes publishing fifteen hardcover books and multiple digitial works, along with over fifty audio lectures and several video productions). JCF has worked with a global community of artists, scholars, writers, educators, and questers, organized conferences and workshops with a variety of insitutions, fostered extensive and powerful online conversations, and currently sponsors over 50 local and regional community groups worldwide as part of the Foundation’s Mythological RoundTable® Program.
New Joseph Campbell Audio Lectures!   Print | 

 Freud, Jung, and Kundalini Yoga
Each lecture is available for download from JCF as our thank you with a gift of $5.99 or more. Click on the title of each lecture for more information, or to donate and download.
East meets West when Joseph Campbell explores the parallels between Kundalini Yoga and depth psychology in this series of five previously unreleased lectures from Series II of the Joseph Campbell Audio Collection.

Lecture II.4.1 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt.1 

Lecture II.4.2 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt. 2  

Lecture II.4.3 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt. 3

Lecture II.4.4 – Archetypes & Mythology

Lecture II.4.5 – Four Aims of Indian Life

Previous lectures in Series II can be found here>>

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Mythological symbols touch and exhilarate centers of life beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason and coercion.