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Upcoming JCF & Mythological RoundTable® Group Events

MRT of Sacramento, CA - Coyote in Native American Mythology
RoundTable: October 10, 2015 in Sacramento, CA
MRT of Doorwerth, Netherlands - Ir. Bert de Boer
RoundTable: October 17, 2015 in Doorwerth, Netherlands
The First Storytellers
MRT of Dublin, Ireland

RoundTable: October 21, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland
MRT of Mesa, AZ: Dia de los Muertos Festival
RoundTable: October 24, 2015 in Mesa, AZ
MRT of Vancouver, Canada
RoundTable: October 25, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada

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Evidently it is not science that has diminished man or divorced him from divinity. On the contrary... we are to recognize in this whole universe a reflection magnified of our own most inward nature; so that we are indeed its ears, its eyes, its thinking, and its speech—or, in theological terms, God’s ears, God’s eyes, God’s thinking, and God’s Word; and, by the same token, participants here and now in an act of creation that is continuous in the whole infinitude of that space of our mind through which the planets fly, and our fellows of earth now among them.

Joseph Campbell
Myths to LIve By