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 Freud, Jung, and Kundalini Yoga
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East meets West when Joseph Campbell explores the parallels between Kundalini Yoga and depth psychology in this series of five previously unreleased lectures from Series II of the Joseph Campbell Audio Collection.

Lecture II.4.1 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt.1 

Lecture II.4.2 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt. 2  

Lecture II.4.3 – Freud, Jung, & Kundalini Pt. 3

Lecture II.4.4 – Archetypes & Mythology

Lecture II.4.5 – Four Aims of Indian Life

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We have, therefore, to recognize what now appears to be the demonstrated and documented fact that all of the high civilizations of the world are, finally, but so many variants and developments of a single marvelous monad of mythological inspiration—and that, whereas the history and prehistory of the human race covers some one million seven hundred and fifty thousand years, this monad was constellated and brought into a living form in the mud flats and among the reeds of Mesopotamia hardly more than five thousand years ago.