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Leigh Melander

Joseph Campbell Foundation's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Leigh Melander, Ph.D., has graciously consented to join JCF's Board. Founder of the Imaginal Institute and of Spillian, Dr. Melander's background in the performing arts, business, mythology, and play make her a valuable addition to JCF's Board of Directors.

At the same time, JCF's Board bids a reluctant farewell to Dr. Elise Collins Shields, whose guidance and advocacy on behalf of the Joseph Campbell Foundation will be missed. 

For more about Dr. Melander and her predecessor, Dr. Shields, please visit this link>> 

Joseph Campbell’s Historical Atlas of World Mythology – Digital Edition   Print | 

Historical Atlas of World Mythology – Digital Edition

Joseph Campbell's multivolume Historical Atlas of World Mythology marked the culmination of his career as scholar, writer, teacher, and one of the foremost interpreters of our sacred traditions. JCF has always planned to make all of the existing work available—and release additional volumes if possible.

As densely cross-referenced and full of opportunities for multimedia enrichment as the Historical Atlas of World Mythology is, technology has finally caught up to Campbell's vision and provided us with the ideal medium for his magnum opus. We are pleased then to announce this initiative: Joseph Campbell's Historical Atlas of World Mythology — Digital Edition

Given the complexities involved, JCF will be rolling out this work in sections, as a series of E-Singles. In "The Mythological Dimension" – the majestic essay that forms the prologue – Campbell introduces his theme: the ways in which myth has served both as a universal, unifying tool across cultures, and as a distinguishing factor between them. The second half of this E-Single is made up of creation myths — familiar and unfamiliar — from every inhabited corner of the world that bear out Campbell's thesis.

To learn more about this longterm project, click here>>

Download this section as our Thank You gift with a donation of $2.99

Myth in the Mojave   Print | 

Catherine Svelha

Dr. Catherine Svehla – writer, artist, and storyteller with a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute – finds fertile soil in the desert for the mythological seeds she plants. With the monthly High Desert Mythological RoundTable® group she founded in its fifth year, Dr. Svehla is now reaching out to a wider audience with Myth in the Mojave, a half-hour internet radio program that airs over Radio Free Joshua Tree every Saturday afternoon. 

Listen to Myth in the Mojave Saturday at 3 p.m. PST online.  

For more details about either the High Desert Mythological RoundTable® meetings or Myth in the Mojaveclick here>> 

E-Singles: New Individual Joseph Campbell Essays   Print | 


JCF is pleased to announce that E-Singles – a series of individual articles and extracts by Joseph Campbell – are now available for download (the first, Comparative Mythology, was released last summer). Some of these essays will be drawn from larger works, and some have never before been released.

These articles can be downloaded as our thank you with an online donation as low as $0.99 to $1.99.

Click this link for details or to download>> 

Working Art: Joseph Campbell at His Desk   Print | 

Working Art Logo

In this installation, created from materials in the Joseph Campbell Collection at OPUS Archives and Research Center, the mythologist has stepped away from his desk, allowing us a glimpse of work-in-progress. Click on the logo above to view the installation and learn details and anecdotes about the items in Campbell's workspace. 

This installation is part of a larger vision entitled Joseph Campbell: Nature, Myth and Art. Join us from April 18 - May 31 as we delve into Campbell's world of myth in a series of programs to be held on the Monterey Peninsula. In partnership with Celadon Arts, OPUS Archives & Research Center, and the Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, CA, we will explore timeless and timely myths through art exhibits, panel discussions, films, salon style dinners, lectures, performances and more.

More Information Here>> 

The Myths & Masks of God   Print | 

Series I, Volume 5

A spiritual symbol, a religious symbol, a mythic symbol is valid and true here, now and for always. It is not a reference to something that happened somewhere else at another time. —Joseph Campbell

The five lectures in "The Myths & Masks of God" (Series I, Volume 3 of the Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell), recorded early in Campbell’s career as a public speaker, explore the original sources of various images of divinity in religions around the world. They were among those Campbell kept in his study and used as the basis for later investigations of myth, symbolism, the psyche, and spiritual awakening. Provocative and exhilarating, full of wit and wisdom, they are windows into one of the greatest minds of our time.

You may now download Volume 5 as our Thank You with a donation of $25 to JCF. Click on the title or album cover above to learn more and request your download. 

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Now, one can feel negatively about this, but one should not feel negatively about anything going on. You’ve got to grab it, and move into it, and note the positive thing. And so, not only are the culture forms being taken down, but the civilization forms are being found and built which will be the guiding forms of the next five, six hundred years—the last years, perhaps, of our civilization.