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Welcome to the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of
Chicago, IL (2)

Status: Emerging Leader: Joe Muszynski Contact: by e-mail


A Mythological RoundTable ® Group (MRT) is a gathering of people drawn together by a deep and abiding interest in all things mythological. Much like the Round Table of yore, it is a place where individual and community come together - a place to play, plan, create, partake in ritual, and share tales of our own quests with companions well met. But JCF Mythological RoundTable ® Groups do more than just enrich the individual; they also offer the opportunity to introduce the work of Joseph Campbell to the wider community, carrying his vision off the page and out into the real world.



Hello - 

Welcome to the emerging Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable® for Chicago, IL. We will be located on the North side, in the city. And that is the history of this group so far...

If you are reading this, hopefully you will add to that history. I am currently a dissertation student at Pacifica Graduate Institute (where the Joe Campbell Archive is housed) in Mythological Studies. I have a number of different ideas for a new RoundTable®, but those ideas only matter if I find people in Chicago interested in myth, mythopoesis and the words and works of Joseph Campbell!

So, if you are interested in getting together to discuss myth, please email me direct. You can introduce yourself, maybe tell me why/what about myth interests you, and we can go from there. Hopefully we can schedule a meeting soon to begin this new group!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Joe Muszynski