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From the Star Wars trilogy to the Grateful Dead, Joseph Campbell has had a profound impact on our culture, our beliefs, and the way we view ourselves and the world.

Provocative and exhilarating, the approx. 90 titles that will ultimately comprise The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell offer a glimpse into one of the great minds of our time, drawing together his most wide-ranging and insightful talks.

Always at his best as an impromptu speaker, Campbell shines in these recordings, both as a scholar and as a master storyteller.  

What's Old Is New Again!


Though the thirty lectures that comprise the bulk of Series I were previously released on cassette and CD, we are working with Roomful of Sky Records to digitize and remaster these classic recordings, optimizing them for today's higher quality consumer audio equipment.

At the same time we are preparing for the staggered release of Series II & Series III, featuring previously unavailable recordings of sixty additional lectures! Though the Collected Lectures are designed so that offerings fit within the context of a themed volume, each selection is able to stand alone.

Each talk purchased through this page generates income that helps maintain JCF programs.

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Lecture I.1.4 -
New Horizons
by Joseph Campbell
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Lecture Description

"The old texts comfort us with horizons; they tell us that a loving, a kind, a just father is out there. But according to the scientific view, nobody knows what is out there, or if there is any 'out there' at all. There is just a display of things that our senses bring to us.... What lies beyond is a mystery so great that it is going to be inexhaustible in its revelations...." -- Joseph Campbell

The scientific revolution replaced the notion of "truth" with a quest for knowledge. The protective horizon of the universe was replaced by ever-changing hypotheses and indistinct horizons. Joseph Campbell considers how science has challenged human beliefs, perceptions of the individual, and the meaning of myths. He explores the impact of science on the "adventurous enterprise of today."

Track Listing
1. Myth vs. History: a Story at the Lunch Counter
2. Dissolution of the Medieval World Image
3. Smashing the Old World History
4. Society's Choice: Tradition or Truth?
5. Psychology and the Shifting Attitude toward Myth
6. The Impact of Science on Myth
7. Science: the Continual Quest
8. Myths Integrate Individuals into the Group
9. Birth and Rebirth: Myth and Individual Development
10. Myths Work as Poetry
11. No Death: Mythologies of the Primitive Hunting Cultures
12. Life through Death: Mythologies of the Primitive Planting Cultures
13. Cosmic Harmony: Mythologies of the First Cities
14. Man's City: Mythologies of the Humanistic West
15. Separation of the Social and the Spiritual
16. No Horizons: the Mythic Enterprise of Today
Lecture Details
  • Date: November 21, 1961/1974
  • Venue: The Cooper Union
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Archive Number: L46, L535
Previous Release History
  • Previously Issued as part of: The Joseph Campbell Audio Collection, Vol. 1
  • Publisher: HighBridge Audio
  • Editor: Mark Watts
  • Release Date: 1996 (cassette); 2002 (CD)

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