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I Ching & Rites of Passage (with Stephen Karcher)

Date: February 5, 2010
Time: 5:00 pm
Category: Workshop
Duration: 4 days (Feb. 5 - 8)
Venue: Santa Barbara Old Mission
Link: http://www.mythology.org/events.php
Address: 2300 Garden Street
City: Santa Barbara

Sponsored by: The Institute for Cultural Change

I Ching /Yijing or the Classic of Change is the oldest and most sophisticated divinatory system in the world, a guide to both personal and cultural transformation. The deep structure of the I Ching sets forth a model of the ideal life-span. It is used to give shape and meaning to individual experience by locating it in the ritual progression of the Symbolic Life.

In this Retreat

We will use I Ching to locate the symbolic passages between the stages of life, take you through the ritual work necessary to deal with the suffering that needs to be dissolved, and clarify the goals and inspirations from both past and future that need to be brought into your present life for integration.

We will learn to use the I Ching to open the portals to those ages and stages in life where we are stuck, uninformed and undifferentiated. Working with images and ancient text from the I Ching assists us in looking back to these past stages so that we might release insight and allow change through a transformation of what the old Chinese sages called the heart-mind.

The Retreat will provide individual and group instruction, direct experience through ritual work, a new image-rich translation and an online library and consultation service you can use to continue your learning process.

Stephen Karcher, Ph.D, is an internationally known scholar, writer, translator and an initiated diviner. He has taught and lectured on the Yijing and divination in the US, Great Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland and South Africa. As Research Director of the Eranos Foundation (Ascona, Switzerland) he pioneered a depth psychological approach to divination.

Major publications include:

Total I Ching: Myths for Change, The Classic Chinese Oracle of Change, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Divination, I Ching Plain and Simple and The Oracle of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.

Workshop Fee: $200
Accommodation Fee at Old Mission Renewal Center (All Meals Included)
Reserve $210 Single Room
Reserve $175 Shared/Double Room
CEU's - 11

Register Online

Cost: $200
Contact e-mail: info@instituteforculturalchange.org

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