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JCF Associate Program

The boons of community include access to Joseph Campbell's work (including material not released to the general public), original Practical Campbell essays exploring the relevance of Campbell's mythic vision for today, plus the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals and make merry with friends well met.

  • JCF Associate UpDate.
    A bi-monthly email newsletter detailing developments in myth, popular culture, depth psychology, the arts, and other fields influenced by Joseph Campbell.
  • Conversations of a Higher Order.
    As a JCF Associate, you have access to the Conversations of a Higher Order, our community discussion forums which offer an exciting array of topics. For our Associates who would prefer to participate in languages other than English, there are the Conversations of an International Order - forums in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, and Swedish.

  • Associates Only Video Previews.
    New! See rare selections of interviews and lectures with Joseph Campbell. Topics range the spectrum: from initiation rituals to moon myths, tricksters to nymphs, and more.
  • Myth Resources Database.
    A collection of myth-related resources suggested by JCF Associates for the benefit of the entire JCF community.
  • Practical Campbell Essays.
    Penned by our very own Stephen Gerringer (aka Bodhibliss on the boards), these essays illuminate and make a great way to enter the world of Joseph Campbell's ideas.
  • Special Premium Offerings.
    JCF periodically makes available special premium offerings allowing our Associates to score excellent bargains while supporting JCF and its mission.
  • The Collected Lectures Transcripts.
    JCF is releasing The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell in iTunes. As a special offering, the annotated transcipts of these lectures are being made available to our Associates - free of charge.



The JCF is more than an abstract, impersonal institution - it's a community of myth-minded individuals - and the Associate Program lies at the heart of this community.

Key to that partnership is a sense of participation and play.

It costs no money to join.

The Associate Program is the heart of the JCF. When you register to become an Associate, you make a basic commitment to contribute in some way to support the mission of the Foundation. Your contributions may include participating in Coversations of a Higher Order, suggesting mythological resources to be included on our site, volunteering your time for one of our projects, and taking part in our many virtual community activities.

We also appreciate your financial contributions which help us to grow this web site, further our work on the creation of the JCF Digital Works Collection, and continue to make the works of Joseph Campbell available to people across the globe in over a dozen languages. The JCF is a small organization with a large outreach. It is through the support of our Associates that we are able to continue to share the works of Joseph Campbell. Please consider joining our community - registration is free, fast, and non-invasive (we never share your information with third parties).