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 Event Name Category Date Location
MRT of London, England RoundTable November 24, 2014 London, United Kingdom
Spirit Beings of the Native Americans of the Great Plains RoundTable November 24, 2014 Chattanooga, TN
MRT of Joshua Tree, CA RoundTable November 24, 2014 Joshua Tree, CA
MRT of Berlin 2, Germany
Mythos ohne Religion, Religion ohne Spiritualit├Ąt
RoundTable November 26, 2014 Berlin 2, Germany
MRT of Dublin at Mythic Links, Ireland-TOLKIEN & Irish Myth RoundTable November 27, 2014 Dublin at Mythic Links, Ireland
MRT of Mesa, AZ: One Year Anniversary Dinner RoundTable December 5, 2014 Mesa, AZ
MRT of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RoundTable December 6, 2014 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
MRT of Huron, OH: The Hero's Journey and Self as Mythic Hero RoundTable December 10, 2014 Huron, OH
MRT of Laguna Beach, CA RoundTable December 10, 2014 Laguna Beach, CA
MRT of San Clemente, CA RoundTable December 12, 2014 San Clemente, CA
MRT of Sacramento, CA: Mythology Cafe:
Winter Solstice Celebration
RoundTable December 13, 2014 Sacramento, CA
MRT of Berlin 2, Germany
Mythologie des Christentums
RoundTable December 17, 2014 Berlin 2, Germany
Solstice Storytelling RoundTable December 21, 2014 Chattanooga, TN
MRT of Joshua Tree, CA RoundTable December 30, 2014 Joshua Tree, CA

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