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Tracking the Wild Feminine

by Maria Souza

Our world is deprived of images of the Goddesses. That is not to say they don’t exist, but they are buried, hidden, and disguised in our culture, or they have been misunderstood and polluted....

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The Goddess Embodied

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Campbell’s famous, mind-expanding essay explores the fundamental connection between myth, symbol, and human culture. In it, he looks at the origins of western culture’s myths and symbols, and asks whether these are still relevant in the modern era. This piece, along with classics such as “Mythogenesis,” “Bios and Mythos” and Campbell’s foreword to Grimms’ Fairy Tales, was published as part of the collection The Flight of the Wild Gander (re-issued by New World Library in 2002). This digital edition has been published by Joseph Campbell Foundation.

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Joseph Campbell Book Club

“There is so much wisdom in Joy Harjo’s memoir Poet Warrior, a hero’s journey that weaves rhythms of poetry together with the miraculous, spiraling through experiences of exile, soul-searching, and challenges, as ‘Girl Warrior’ becomes ‘Poet Warrior,’ and discovers writing as a ‘portal to grace.’

“Poet Warrior inspires us to reflect on our inner truth and knowing: our histories, our memories, our dreams, and the stories that make us who we are, even though ‘sometimes memory appears to be an enemy bringing only pain.’ Harjo lights a fire built with kindling soaked in sorrow. A fire that will, no doubt, warm our hearts with inspiration, wisdom, and grace.”

Leon Aliski, PhD
Editorial Advisory Group
Joseph Campbell Foundation

Weekly Quotation

All I can tell you about mythology is what men have said and have experienced, and now women have to tell us from their point of view what the possibilities of the feminine future are. And it is a future––it’s as though the lift-off has taken place, it really has, there’s no doubt about it.

-- Joseph Campbell