About the Joseph Campbell Foundation

The Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1990 to…

1. Preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of Joseph Campbell by:

  • Cataloging and archiving his works
  • Developing new publications based on his work
  • Directing the sale and distribution of his published works
  • Protecting copyrights to his works
  • Increasing awareness of his works by making them available in multiple digital & analog formats

2. Further Campbell’s pioneering work in comparative mythology and religion by:

  • Promoting the study of mythology and comparative religion
  • Implementing and/or supporting diverse mythological education programs
  • Supporting and/or sponsoring events designed to increase public awareness
  • Donating Campbell’s papers to the New York Public Library and his personal library to OPUS Archive & Research Center
  • Making JCF’s website (www.jcf.org) a forum for mythologically-informed cross-cultural dialogue

3. Help individuals enrich their lives by:

  • Becoming a JCF Associate and receiving JCF’s Weekly Digest, MythBlast, and related offerings
  • Exploring and utilizing some of the many Mythological Resources available at www.jcf.org
  • Participating in the ‘Conversations of a Higher Order’ forums on www.jcf.org
  • Joining in one of the various mythologically-related activities that JCF periodically undertakes