Creation! the beginning of our new website

Image from the cover of Gerald McDermott's 'Creation'

Image from the cover of Gerald McDermott’s ‘Creation’

Thanks to the generous support of the folks who contributed to our 2015 fundraiser, we have started the process of building a new website for the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

The old site is quite large. To create a similarly large new website all at once would be a task to challenge even Hercules. So, we are building the new site incrementally – closing down sections of the old site as new areas are opened here.

Normally, this behind the scenes web design stuff wouldn’t be visible to the public. However, as a small not for profit that relies on the support of its associates, we feel that transparency is critical. And the best part is… you can help us shape this new home by providing feedback in real time. Just visit the Feedback form and commence complimenting, kvetching, cajoling, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we build!

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