Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Joseph Campbell Foundation

FAQ: About the Joseph Campbell Foundation

Will you review the book I wrote?

We love to see the many ways that Joseph Campbell’s work continues to influence both creative works of fiction and scholarly non-fiction. However, as a very small organization, we simply do not have the bandwidth to provide the service of reviewing books or other creative works. In short:

  • Please do not send us a review copy of your book.
  • We do not read, review, endorse, or comment upon works not published by JCF.
  • Soon, we will be accepting public submissions to our Mythological Resources Database – a great place to share your work with other like-minded folks.
Does JCF offer scholarships or other funding opportunities?

We do not. JCF is a small organization – despite its renown namesake and global footprint. It is a “working foundation,” meaning we earn our keep and neither solicit nor offer grants of any kind. JCF is, in fact, a virtual organization without any offices. We are kept operative mainly through the good efforts of a cadre of engaged volunteers scattered over several continents.

Will JCF publish my book?

No – JCF publishes only works written by Joseph Campbell.

Mythological RoundTable® Groups

FAQ: Mythological RoundTable® Groups

How do I find a Mythological RoundTable® Group in my area?

Visit the MRT map…

What are the steps to starting a new MRT group?

The path to becoming an official JCF Mythological RoundTable® (MRT) Group consists of the following 12 steps:

  1. You, the prospective MRT Leader, contact us through the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Request Form.
  2. The MRT Progam Coordinator will reply to you with a welcome email.
  3. You will receive the MRT Leader’s Guide — providing details, resources and guidelines.
  4. You reply with a commitment to launch a new MRT Group.
  5. You create a JCF account and then let the MRT Program Coordinator know (they’ll give you MRT Leader access).
  6. You set up new MRT group page on the JCF website.
  7. You set up social media accounts (optional).
  8. You secure a venue for your first MRT Group gathering.
  9. You plan your first event, post it on the JCF events calendar, and then send invitations.
  10. You host the event – have an awesome time!
  11. Repeat.
  12. Earn a charter – MRT Groups that meet regularly over the course of a year and meet all MRT standards will shed the cocoon of their “Emerging” status to become “Chartered” JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group.


FAQ: Publications

When will there be an ebook of The Hero with a Thousand Faces?

We’re working on releasing the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series in eBook format over the next few years.

Check out our eSingle (short works) and eBook (long works, i.e. books) offerings.

When will you be rereleasing the video series Transformations of Myth Through Time?

We won’t.

The Mythos DVD series contains all of the footage in Transformations plus 2+ hours of never-before-released lectures, and presents them as Campbell intended:

For more information, see The Long, Strange, Night-sea Journey from Transformations to Mythos

When will you be releasing Wings of Art?

Funny you should ask about Wings of Art

We’re working on completing riverrun, a re-edited series based on Campbell’s Joyce lectures. Keep watching for news!

Why charge money for Campbell’s work when he’d have wanted his words to be available for free?

Two answers for the price of one:

  1. No, he wouldn’t have. And…
  2. The Jospeh Campbell Foundation was founded in 1990 by Joseph Campbell’s wife and literary executor for the sole purpose of ensuring that Joseph Campbell’s work was avaiable in perpetuity. In order to do so, JCF has entered into arrangements with third party publishers. The money obtained from those agreements and subsequent sales enables us to continue making additional works available in multiple formats.

Without charging for some of our intellectual property, we have no way to fulfill our mission.

Why did you remove my Joseph Campbell video(s) from YouTube?

Because the works you shared are under copyright (some video assets are under copyright co-owned by JCF and other parties). If we don’t assert that copyright, we may open ourselves to lawsuits from other parties. We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm, but please respect our legal right to secure protection for JCF’s intellectual property.

Does JCF offer transcripts of Collected Audio lectures?

JCF does not offer transcripts of any of Joseph Campbell’s videos or of any of his Collected Lectures.

That said, we are aware that at the conclusion of some of the earliest lectures that were released there is a statement that suggests otherwise.

Rights & Permissions

FAQ: Rights & Permissions

Questions about licensing the copyright and trademark protected works of Joseph Campbell and Joseph Campbell Foundation.

How do I get permission to quote from a work by Joseph Campbell?

Send an email query to our Rights and Permissions Manager (or use the form below). Please include:

  • The quote(s) you wish to use.
  • The source publication of each quote (Not Internet sources such as BrainyQuote, Goodreads, etc.)
  • A brief description of the work and context within which the quote(s) will appear.
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Release date
  • Initial print run
  • Expected retail price

Please note: The JCF does not control the rights to <em>The Power of Myth</em>. Permissions must be acquired from Doubleday (text) or IPF Media (video).

How do I find out what may or may not be the Intellectual Property of the Joseph Campbell Foundation?

Send an email query to our Rights and Permissions Manager (or use the form below).

I represent a publisher wishing to publish a translation of a Joseph Campbell book. Who should I contact?

Send an email query to our Rights and Permissions Manager (or use the form below).

Contact the Rights & Permissions Manager

Use this form to contact the Rights & Permissions Manager:

Technical Support

FAQ: Technical Support

Why don’t you make eBooks for my 1945 Memex (or other ancient device)?

Actually, the eBooks we create are readable on just about every piece of mobile hardware made since the turn of the millennium — however we can’t test on every configuration, since they’re not all available to us.

For information on how to access or open your download(s), visit How to Download and Read Your JCF Ebook or How to Download and Listen to Your JCF Audio.

How do I download and open the audio or epub file I just acquired?

For information on how to access or open your download(s), visit How to Download and Read Your JCF Ebook or How to Download and Listen to Your JCF Audio.

If you are still having a hard time listening to your audio file, let us know where you downloaded it, what make and model computer/device you’re trying to listen to it on, and what audio software you’re using (including OS version and software version).

If you are still having a hard time reading your ebook, let us know where you downloaded it, what make and model computer/device you’re trying to read it on, and what ebook reader software you’re using (including OS version and software version).

For us to help you, we need you to give us enough data with which to work.

How do I open a Zip file on my device?

There are many devices and many ways to unzip files. We encourage you to explore the various options open to you and let us know if you absolutely cannot access the zipped files.

How do I report a broken link, wonky page, or bad functionality on the website?

In human terms, this website is still a toddler. It walks, but sometimes takes a tumble or bumps into things. Please help us grow this site and let us know if something is broken. Send a message straight to our web lackey…


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