Defending Joe

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Defending Joe

Post by Stone_Giant » Thu May 17, 2012 9:50 am

Hi All - long time no post, but I am powerfully moved to say a few words today, and this particular forum seems the right one to do it in. ( Rant warning! But where else can I be 100% assured of sympathy for the following view? Intrigued? Read on....)

Like many of us (I suspect) I am a Facebook fried of Joseph Campbell. There is an excellent post on his wall at the moment, an extract from Myths of Light. In general, the comments are favourable, but one individual ( I will not name him - look for yourself if you feel the need) has posted the comment - "Tedious pseudo intellectual bullshit"

I composed the following reply to send to him. However, being mindful of the venomous, stupid and ultimately pointless slanging matches one can get into from the relative safety of one's cyber-cubicle I decided to withold it. I will try and remember the maxim "Lead by example" and also " Wait by a river long enough and you will see the bodies of your enemies float past." I post it here for your comments. Was I right to withold..or should I let him have had it, with both barrels?

To XXXX XXXXXXXX - Sir, It is my opinion that your statement is neither terse, pithy, clever or defensible, in any sense of that word. Joe Campbell has outlined his views in a detaled and clear manner, if you feel compelled to disagree with his views, or even his need to express them at all, it is only fair that you do this by submitting an essay of equal length and comparable erudition. The general public may then act as judge.

I might also have added, in Jungian fashion "Your comments appear to originate from that part of your psyche known as your 'Shadow'....the repository of all things you find unacceptable about yourself." - however, one doesn't wish to appear tooo much of a smartarse...

The antagonist is only a young man. May the harsh lessons of life, which few us escape, lead him to an eventual "Awakening of his own Mythological Mind".
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Post by Evinnra » Thu May 17, 2012 10:47 am

How about simply stating the obvious to an obviously simple mind: "Different horses for different courses." :roll:
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Post by Clemsy » Thu May 17, 2012 8:39 pm

Stone Giant! Seeing your name inspired a wave of nostalgia for the forums glory days! Good to see you, my friend and I hope the years have treated you well.

As for your question... as is the nature of social media, it's a moot question as the comment has been buried by others. Venues like this one are best suited for a give and take. Facebook less so, especially when the comments are coming from all over. One wonders how the person in question is even posting. Did he 'like' the page? Why? FB pages like Cambell's are more like blogs and engaging the negative comments are usually futile.

At the end of the day, being ignored is more effective.

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Post by cadfael » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:04 pm

Clemsy, to ignore would be like not wanting to be like Socrates. We need an antithesis.