A little poem written by Lancimouspitt

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A little poem written by Lancimouspitt

Post by lancimouspitt » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:48 pm

Well I have to say I must thank Clemsy (and hopefully this is in the right forum) because of a thread I made about horror movies and metaphors he in turn created a thread about Lovecraft and I read.Then I read some more. Reading Lovecraft lead me to Clive Barker and the pursuit continued.
Yesterday I began reading a short story by Arthur Machen entitled "The Great God Pan."
Today at work I had to write this down.The words just came into my mind and I felt they needed written and they no doubt where inspired by that short story.
It's nothing to set the world on fire but at least something creative came out of me today.

In the sunless hours of frosted morning dew,ancient creatures construe in the thickness of a lost flowers bloom.

In forgotten grassy knolls where the horned one strolls,sprites construe in shrubbery twisted in violets and rue.

heard throughout the heart of the land,beckoning every child,woman,and able man. The horned one played a hollowed bone flute. Waiting for humainty to come in panic and pursuit.

in this hour man was shown,secrets cast away by Zeus on his Olympis throne. With cloven hooves of ivy green,the horned one revealed a secret creed.

For Ero's revealed a need for lust and the hunger of anothers skin,humans must indulge in a beauty and it is named sin.
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Post by jonsjourney » Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:12 am

lance...I formed a band in 1998. We wrote mostly progressive-style rock songs, recorded a CD, played a gig or two, did some internet marketing and distribution and then faded into oblivion.

The name of the band: Pan's Motive.

I picked the name, so...I like the poem! :wink:
"He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot." -Douglas Adams
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Post by Clemsy » Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:59 pm

You're quite welcome, Lance. Machen was one of HPL's influences, as was Lord Dunsany. be careful with these guys! You may waken things best left undisturbed!

Now that you're familiar with Lovecraft, this should be particularly hysterical:

Hey There Cthulhu
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Post by lancimouspitt » Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:35 pm

Thanks for the kind words guys.
John, I keep telling myself one day i'll end back in a band holding down the low end of town but I just can't seem to find people willing to try things that are a little different.
I can't deny that their is a certain sense of empowerment when I'm playing and hordes of people are dancing as if maniacs while I groove on the bass line to Miss You by the Stones. But after years and years of it I got a little burned out. Considering i'm on the tip of 26 I feel that's not a proper age to feel that way towards music. Then again when the beer is flowing and the dancing gets heated enough for my girlfriend to shoot me an unapproving glance, I can't help but feel the party is being hosted by Dionysus or a Maenade.Somewhere unseen.

Clemsy, As I was reading The Great God Pan i kept wondering if Machen was prior to or after Lovecraft and sure enough I had to find out before I finished the story last night.
Afterwards I read the White People and my oh my that was something. I immediatley saw that the bulk of guillermo del toro's Pans Labryinth had to have been influenced by Machen's White People. I popped in the second disk of the film and believe it or not their was a featurette entitled "The Power of Myth". No doubt a tribute to Campbell's work. One aspect of Joe's work I always felt left unturned was monsters,such as the ones we see in movies(the whole reason why I made a thread about metaphors in horror movies).
I remember in one book a woman ask Campbell why her son has such a fixation upon Frankenstein and though I can't recall his exact response I felt it a little inadequate. Much to my pleasure del toro makes this the heart of the feature and goes into early mythologies and discusses how early societies attributed natural phenomanon to creatures such as gods and animals. I think back on Campbell describing the Lion upon an African plane and how the creature becomes associated as a solar symbol in how it spreads the grazing Zebra's and Gazelle's just as the sun scatters the stars for the mornings arrival.
Guillermo del toro argues that as society evolved and the complexes of society bounded our instincts and primal impulses into a cage (to make it a Jungian thing) we casted this shadow and we had to explain those things we found unfit about ourselves. Murder,cannabilism,etc. and monster became our way of attempting to understand these dark things about ourselves. In short, monsters help us to understand the dark side of our nature. I'm thinking though that somewhere I have yet to look Campbell has probably said something simular. Anyways I have felt this has all lead me down a rich path of discovery i'm sure won't end any time soon.