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Post by ALOberhoulser » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:23 am

Chimps, seeking freedom, sue for legal personhood

In Tommy’s suit, filed on Monday against owners Patrick and Diane Lavery and Circle L Trailer Sales, Wise argues that because chimpanzees are “autonomous, self-determined, self-aware, intelligent, and emotionally complex” beings who cognitively “resemble human beings,” they must be declared legal persons with rights by the court — and as such, freed from captivity.
Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
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Post by JamesN. » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:25 pm

As the others continued to assess their situation Jane quietly retreated into the background and pulled the picture of Tarz from her pocket. As tears of sadness slowly fell from her cheek a quiet and soothing voice gently asked: " He was special wasn't he? "

" There are no words. " Jane responded.

As Wobegone put his reassuring hand on her shoulder he asked: " Why don't you tell me about it. "

Jane; still struggling with emotion began: " He was so brave and caring and wanted only to help the others. " " And when he gave his life trying to protect the other chimps from the Way Clan's secret ambush his cancer had already taken it's toll; but still he rallied with everything that was in him to defend them. " " He represented to me so much of what was good and pure and decent even though he was just an animal; that it brought out the best in me just being around him; and now he's gone and I miss him so. "

Woebegone stood quietly for a moment; his hand still on her shoulder; then softly whispered: " What a priviledge to have had such a being in one's life. "
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Post by CarmelaBear » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:47 pm

Garzo then stared a hole into Zhuel and sighed, "Tell us a tale, Zhuel. We need us a tale."

This is the tale he told.

Wotz En Blox Whirz Una Boot

Selz awherz diwinz gooin gret zirkls,
Ooyehday deed.
Dizwuz aziruss ween dissdeh, yuzee,
Diffund izkennbe.
Zeboot szhee wok bokun fothe,
Oontee lemeanz deedzee ufludd
Techhode upone dererr
Enzwirldee amuzfere aroondun alluhbowd
Ehz itukem bystome entood holee rehn uhblastin
Oreduhbow, zendin ohluhkimboo.
Itexmain en evertinin boot doon,
Unzink zeszhipp uhway,
Doontuh deeabbiss .
Wotz whirz lox ulungz wiblox.
Naysza tookum boothe,
Whidoud uhzot, bland tuh awe bit
Clamitt chenj dat kudduh
Pudda hoeboot awhey,
Jizlykat, jizlykat.
Seddee itwoz wehhadtuh zinga preer,
Foe wotz un blox en awlluvuz loxatday.
Zomeiny zolez guhlox thet aweluhotz
Wuhboke entwane.
No difunz indeh hirtzat deh.
Weerawe luhlyke unduhsee,
Awe dehotz wendoon wihgreef,
Awelung dizadeh.
Sawroe hizduh sem foeblox unwotz uhlak.
Aweduh sem, aweduh sem toowus.

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Post by CarmelaBear » Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:59 pm

Garzo inserted his trusty ear wig and tapped the translation signal to the computer.

This is what he heard.

Whites and Blacks Were In a Boat

Sails where the winds go in great circles,
Oh yes, they did.
This was a serious wind this day, you see,
Different as can be.
The boat, she rocked back and forth
Until the men did see a flood
Take hold upon the air
And swirl the atmosphere around and all about
As it took them by storm until holy rain came blasting
Over the bow, sending all akimbo.
It takes the main and everything in the boat down,
And sinks the ship away,
Down to the abyss.
Whites were lost along with Blacks,
Nature took them both,
Without a thought, blind to all but
Climate change that could have
Put a whole boat away,
Just like that, just like that.
Sad day it was, without a single prayer,
For Whites and Blacks and all of us lost that day.
So many souls were lost that all our hearts
Were broken in twain.
No difference in the hurt that day.
We are all alike under the sea.
All the hearts went down in grief,
All on this day.
Sorrow is the same for Blacks and Whites alike,
All the same, all the same to us.

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Post by JamesN. » Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:10 pm

" Wow! " Said Zheul. " Please tell another. " :idea:
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Post by CarmelaBear » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:40 pm

"Are you talking to yourself, again, Zhuel?" :roll:

"Ungh"' muttered Zhuel.

"But, yes, We would like another", Garzo winked as he re-inserted the ear piece.

The second tale of Zhuel is thus.

Tooduh Feaz

Zemuuntan lan tradlatlee orede foast flow,
Amumblang tuuhizelph.
Tard, inwihdowmuch hoopa katchin uhmeel,
Deezdeh uvawe liddehz eendaseezon.
Kennuh seyduh raynunk kloodz
Wuhbing desperuts tuudeh
Feazuh duhwinnuh zhuelstiz.
Awmgoondeh dizdeh tuubeewyd
Mawfamblee undoze huuluv
Duh fermuun enfyrenyte.
Honegreez ehnmeejernnee,
Wunneruhn hahmeeh fennzun
Ehnfamblee zirduuinow.
Therzgobee summhep eedanzink
Ehtdee serribayshun.
Duhpatt dutapaze zineroh
Ehndahk, sloegooinnen lunerlee.
Luukinfoe wuudtoo wahm fahz,
Uhnnaz fennz, gudfuudin lavtuh.
Muhdotz ahzoehoepvil, doemuh
Wehzloong uhnhawd.
Nahzeeduh praduhlans uhwehun
Hawdehloo! Uhferloongmoe
Ehnduhl beeyatdah feazuh
Duhwinnuh zhuelstiz.
Thezmuh odehoom,
Foehvah mejoee.

Computer translation for the benefit of Garzo:

To The Feast

The mountain lion tread lightly over the forest floor,
Mumbling to himself.
Tired, and without much hope of catching a meal,
This day of all the days in the season.
Cannot say the rain and clouds
Will bring the spirits to the
Feast of the winter solstice.
I am going there this day to be with
My family and those who love
The full moon and fire night.
I am hungry on my journey,
Wondering how my friends
And family are doing now.
There is going to be some happy dancing
At the celebration.
The path to the place is narrow
And dark, slow-going and lonely.
Looking forward to warm fires,
And nice friends, good food and laughter.
My thoughts are so hopeful,
Though my way is long and hard.
Now I see the pride of lions away in
The distance.
Hallelu'! A furlong more
And I will be at the feast
Of the winter solstice.
This is my old home,
Forever my joy.
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Post by CarmelaBear » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:31 am

Jane spoke.

There is the tale of the Masters of the Sixth World of the Spirit. The masters have the capacity to move and shape shift among several worlds and assume various forms typical of a whole set of worlds.

On the 423rd day of the Eldriss Cycle, the masters gathered a council of the five genders from the Androgenoid System. They convened to discuss the coming nuclear conflict with the Ghausmorians. Because their feared enemy can seal the portals to their own dimension, they are able to deploy exterminating weapons from a distance, destroying other beings and clearing homeworlds for later exploitation of natural resources.

The council agreed that the enemy's strategy of annihilation could be thwarted by splitting into teams of scholars, strategists, magicians, messengers and proactivists. Each of the five genders were known for their special propensities for excellence in these areas. The five genders of reproductive interaction in the Sixth World was the secret to their unique abilities to work well in conflict situations. Their five genders worked in synchronous concert to be one of the most effective species in the universe of known biological entities.

Each of the genders had torso organs and brains that produced distinctly different hormones and other substances that accentuated strong feelings of emotional attachment to their respective gender counterparts. The initiating gender was called the twinklers. They planned for the suitability and desirability of reproduction. The twinklers were magnetically drawn to conceivors. Twinklers shared an interface with conceivors by means of concentrated rapport. As a result of intense romantic involvement, twinklers gave conceivors the capacity to fertilize an egg. Conceivors shared a sexual interface with twinklers through a focus on mutual loving meditation. By being thus mentally entwined, the conceivors eventually developed the ability to fertilize and a desire to be with those who carried eggs.

The egg carriers were called nesters. When the nesters were ready to accept fertilization of one of their eggs, they joined with conceivors who sent a fertilizing mist spiralling in the direction of their most intense attraction. The mist of an amorous conceivor, who blew a passionate kiss aimed toward the nester's third ear, infused the nester's body with a reproductive chemistry that maximized initial cell division and DhNA construction. For about ten days, the nester carried the fertilized egg of his five gender species until being overtaken by a desire to couple with one of the bearers.

The nesters, under the influence of what they experienced as mystical love, engaged in deep kisses with bearers. This process transferred the developing egg, which was swallowed into the abdomen of the bearer. The bearers had a wet pouch where the fetus grew to viability. When the fetus became viable, the bearer's reproductive capacities were turned with great fervor in the direction of fetal transfer. Bearers then became inexplicably enamored of the deliverers, and through loving embrace, the bearer's side released the carefully nourished and protected, viable fetus, still wrapped in a membrane and floating in amniotic fluid. The deliverer's chest opened on the side of the heart to take in the viable fetus through a bio-slot that led to the side womb.

When the fetus is fully developed, it is born by painlessly sliding its way out of the bearer's womb, and liberating itself from the covering membrane. It is delivered, sloppy wet and breathing air, into the hands of a twinkler, who accepts the happy delivery of the newborn. The five parents gather for a traditional welcoming ceremony, and from that day on, share responsibilities for the circle of nurture, which continues throughout all their lifetimes, usually exceeding 8,400 light years.

The masters move quickly to prevent worlds from colliding in nuclear confrontation. Although the worlds' armaments are similar and prolific, their defenses are not equal. The only chance of the threatened worlds will come from their alliance with and reliance on the great council of masters.

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Show off. Of course, Skee, motes art' s just a co-vich.Try kovskee, and check off the dickens. If you pick cause...oh! You can mark twain.