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Discussion of Joseph Campbell's work with an emphasis on the personal creative impulse as well as the sociological role of the artist in today's global community.

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Post by ALOberhoulser » Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:19 am

CarmelaBear wrote:AL,

Feeling it helps.
It is safe to trust how it feels.

The songs take us outside of time.
Space gives way.

Limits have to let us go,
because consciousness
will not be contained.

There will open a new line of sight
that one has never imagined before.

When you go through it,
the blues morph into dream.

Live the music.

We're here.
Not far at all.

In the mystery,

I will cherish this!
Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
~Max Planck
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Post by Cindy B. » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:18 pm

Hi, AL. You've been missed. All's going reasonably well for you, I hope. :)
If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s. --Jung