Art, what is it?

Discussion of Joseph Campbell's work with an emphasis on the personal creative impulse as well as the sociological role of the artist in today's global community.

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To say what Art is is to focus on Art itself. Not on the things art influences, though of course, art does influence, and thereby that is an attribute of art. To get to the essence of art, to peal away the attributes of what art is in so many myriad of ways is to look at other ways of naming this essence called art. One word or name that comes to mind is creativity. To look at the essence of creativity is an active process, that's what creativity is, it generates. Of course I could easily slip into how degenerative processes are the potential foundation of something new that is taking place due to what degenerates, falls away, and peels away from something is to discover something else as what was, isn't anymore when it degenerates into something that it wasn't. This "slip into", meaning, to slip from looking into the essence of creativity is to look at something new taking place. It is a matter of perspective as what is of any one thing, such as art, if the focus is on the canvas for instance being white. But then paint these colors of red, blue, green onto the white canvas. It is a degenerative process to what was white. The canvas isn't white and such is death as red, blue, and green make the white disappear. Yet for what is in front of me is red, blue, and green which isn't an issue of disappearing but rather is an appearing of red, blue, and green. That's looking in the face of creativity and what art is.

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Art seems to be TV for Philosophers.