Is Man Part of Nature

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Post by romansh » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:47 pm

CarmelaBear wrote:
romansh wrote: I'd be very careful about the word 'provable'. In science there is no such thing. In mathematics and logic there may be proofs; but these are based on axioms, self evident truths and definitions.
This is one of the reasons I find courts of law particularly galling. If the experts are never quite sure about the truth, why do we give such power and violence over to courts and lawmakers and law enforcers when we are addressing the complexities of human conduct?

"Proof" seems to be a relative term, and in emotional (read: "political") terms, it is highly subjective at best and downright malicious when it is misused.
I think the courts try to do a good job - and by and large they do.
In law there are at least a couple of proofs - Standard of Proof
Although they call it proof - it actually is not - especially in civil cases..

My little exposure to law has been that it is highly rational - though juries can be quite irrational - at least by my lights.