Science and Joseph Campbell

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Science and Joseph Campbell

Post by cadfael » Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:33 pm

Joseph Campbell said that he was a man of reason and experience. He told Bill Moyers that he was not a man of faith. I suggest he was. He seemed to have believed in the Big Bang quite well. I am interpretating faith as trust. The trusting of the scientific community.

Bob Berman of Astronomy Magazine said that the origin of all things is an enigma. The Big Bang is a result of the interpretations of M4, Cosmic back ground radiation, and expansion of distant galaxies on the seeming cusp of the universe(The red shift of Edwin Hubble). We have according to Bill Andrews a good scientific guess. Here is where we really are kiddo. The Great cosmic myth. I like Carl Sagan for that idea.

I was suprised to learn that the developement of planets from dust in the space nebulea is only a hypothesis put forth by Pierre Simon Laplace in 1796. This idea is not even a theory. However, it is taken seriously. The Big Bang is taken seriously.

I suggest Campbell was a man of faith because I have been. I love science. I do have an intellectual conscience. I think Campbell did too but he was no scientist.