Ty Parsec: The Mythic Hero

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Ty Parsec: The Mythic Hero

Post by FDamkar » Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:58 am

Well, I didn't know where to start, so I just decided to post something that I wrote a long while ago. If this isn't the right place to post this, moderators, feel free to move it!

This is an article I wrote on my Tumblr page about a cartoon character from a little-known animated series that aired back in the day called, "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command". Basically, the character I'm focusing on is from that show, and he's considered a minor character in that he's essentially not part of the main cast. But he is a character who is very well-loved by many fans, including myself.

Ty's a Space Ranger who has the ability to undergo a cybernetic lycanthropy to become the creature known as the Wirewolf. The origin of how this comes to be is a little odd, but let's just say that it is very unique and not what you'd normally expect from when it comes to lycanthropy.

The posts I wrote are long so I think I might have to link to my Tumblr pages. But I'll give a few key points from the long article before I post the links themselves.
What’s a mythic hero, one might ask?

Simply put, a mythic hero is somebody like King Arthur or Superman; a person who possesses certain qualities that enable them to perform great acts, but exists only in works of fiction and… well, myth.

Now based on what I said about the kind of hero Ty is, he might not seem the type to be a mythic hero. However, like many heroes of epic stories, Ty himself can surprise us and do things that no other person could do in the worlds of myth and fantasy. And his own journey seems to reflect a famous one in which Luke Skywalker...Frodo Baggins…Neo…and Aang…all embarked on.

The Hero’s Journey.

What is the Hero’s Journey?

Simply put…
It’s when a character changes and grows into becoming a hero for the whole world.

Mind you, Ty’s journey is far, FAR different from the others since we don’t know that much about him or his origins, but he does follow some basic steps in his journey.

Which steps does he follow? I can’t really say for all of them because some of them might not fall into Ty’s journey, but for the most part, these steps fit well into Ty’s path as a developing hero.

*Call to Adventure: Ty meeting NOS-4-A2 when Sentry One was attacked and the fact that he desires action on Canis Lunis, a break from all the patrolling he’s done.

*Refusal of the Call: Ty assuring that he can handle things himself twice when Sentry One tries to call for backup.

*Supernatural Aid:…need I explain?

*Belly of the Whale: the lowest point where the hero goes, and for Ty, it’s when he changes into the Wirewolf for the first time, and seeming when he ‘died’.

*Road of Trials: When he is tested.. does he try to get his friends out of there, or does he allow his anger to consume him?

*Atonement with the Father: In a way, this is for him when he reconciles his relationship with Buzz and puts an end to NOS-4-A2 once and for all.

*Apotheosis: He is granted peace and changes his attitude after he and Buzz reconcile.

*Ultimate Boon: He brings back knowledge of the Wirewolf and by using his abilities to take on the Wirewolf when he was one, he brought back a boon that he was able to control the Wirewolf.

*Return of the Refusal: Refuses to give up convincing TL about getting the heck outta Canis Lunis before he transformed again and when Buzz tries to assure him that all will be well…. up until Ty actually changes, anyway.

*The Magic Flight: Not so much with Ty, but when he’s the Wirewolf chasing down TL, that’s the magic flight for them.

*Rescue from Without: Buzz and company helping to save his hide in both of his episodes.

*Freedom to Live: Now I know that the Wirewolf was somehow never brought up again after everything was patched up by RotM, and I HIGHLY doubt he’ll get over something that horrible that quickly, but for the most part, Ty is able to say that he endured through something terrible and because of that, he can live.

But in order to go through what Ty done, he must change and grow, just like I stated earlier. How does he change and grow?

Well, I’ll take a look into his personality and actions. A hero wouldn’t be a hero if his deeds were accounted for, right?
And now, for the links!

http://riseofthefirebird.tumblr.com/pos ... roism-part
http://riseofthefirebird.tumblr.com/pos ... m-part-two
http://riseofthefirebird.tumblr.com/pos ... roism-part

I think this is my way of saying hello to everyone and that I hope to meet wonderful people and hope that I learn many new things about Joseph Campbell and his works. If there's anything I can do to assist this forum in some way, whether it's being a moderator or donating or whatever is needed to assist the forum, please let me know, and I will do what I can. (:
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Post by Andreas » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:58 am

Hey FDamkar. Welcome and nice to meet you. I dig it.

Have a good one. Laterz!
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Post by Cindy B. » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:57 am

Hi, FDamkar, and welcome. :)

I like very much what you did with your website. I read about Heroic Ty (well done!) and also looked through your Art Blog. Very cool. 8)

We'll be looking forward to your posts!
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Post by FDamkar » Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:57 am

Thank you, Andreas and Cindy, for your warm welcomes! (:

Oh, thank you, Cindy! I'm grateful that you read about Heroic Ty. It was a lot of work for me to put into, and it really means a lot that you read through it and that you liked it. (:

Thank you for also looking through my Art Blog. I might make a new art blog though; the old one hasn't been uploaded for a long time and I need to start over anyway. *laughs*

I can't wait to do some posting and discussing of Joseph Campbell's works. (: