JC, Myth and Ramana Maharshi

Who was Joseph Campbell? What is a myth? What does "Follow Your Bliss" mean? If you are new to the work of Joseph Campbell, this forum is a good place to start.

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JC, Myth and Ramana Maharshi

Post by BobbyEshleman » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:47 am

I noticed on the back of a copy of Talks with Ramana Maharshi I have, Carl Jung is quoted as praising Maharshi. I find it really interesting to see this. Ramana Maharshi seems to have a singular message of realizing the Self, but doesn't speak much to myth or archetypes. I also know that JC worked with Heinrich Zimmer who was a student of Maharshi, and I believe JC edited some of Zimmer's indology work that may have referenced Maharshi. I was wondering, what is the message that is occuring among these great thinkers? What's the connection?
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Post by Cindy B. » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:20 am

Hi again, Bobby.

I can help you get started with Jung, anyway:

Jung, Ramana Maharshi, and Eastern Meditation
Carl Jung is quoted as praising Maharshi.

And no, not exactly. :wink: You'll see what I mean when you check out the link. And if you've run across this or some similar quote, conveniently the context is not indicated. Words of praise aren't always what they seem, of course. Jung was a Westerner through and through.

This introductory level material of my own (JCF blog) will orient you a bit to the lecture at the above site: http://www.jcf.org/new/index.php?catego ... &blogid=18

Also consider taking a look at this post, too, before you check out the site: http://www.jcf.org/new/forum/viewtopic. ... 3302#53302

Cindy :)
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