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Who was Joseph Campbell? What is a myth? What does "Follow Your Bliss" mean? If you are new to the work of Joseph Campbell, this forum is a good place to start.

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Dave Spiro
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Post by Dave Spiro » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:22 am

Hello all. I'm Dave Spiro, and I live in Rochester, NY. I became interested in JC while working as a NYC paramedic. (I was born and raised in NYC, moved to Rochester 4 years ago) My boss at the time was an avid reader of Campbell, and introduced me to Power of Myth in the mid 90's. It addressed so many of the fundamental issues I had grappled with in my upbringing as a Jew, and in my personal life as well.

His now well known concept of "following your bliss" was unknown to me. After reading about it in POM, I realized that it was something I had been doing all along, and was what propelled me to seek out a career in emergency medical services, as well as becoming an actor as well.

It was through JC's writings that I began to explore many of the works that were his guides. I recently found a coopy of Carl Jung's "Man and his Symbols", and have just started tackling it.

Hope to join in on the discussions
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Post by Clemsy » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:22 am

Hi Dave and welcome to the JCF forums! Nice to see a fellow New Yorker on board!

Kick your shoes off and hang around. Your contributions will be most welcome.