The Mythic Engine Kick-Starts a New Mythology. Conversation

Joseph Campbell formulated what became his most quoted dictum, "Follow your bliss" in the decade before his death. Join this conversation to explore this idea and share stories.

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The Mythic Engine Kick-Starts a New Mythology. Conversation

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The Mythic Engine Kick-Starts a New Mythology.
Conversation with Mythologists Willi Paul and Shari Tarbet. + PDF
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Willi: Can the community be the Hero?

Shari: No. In every hero's journey myth and fairy tale I know, the Hero archetype is about the individual taking that journey in order to come to one's true, authentic self that has, in fact, been hidden by the individual's community. The Hero has to separate from the community and its standards as taught to the individual by parents in order to find her/his true self. Then one returns to the community to share this wisdom with others.
It is possible for a community to have many individuals who have taken that journey (and more than once) and returned, and are living as their authentic selves. Examples: Scrooge, Frodo, Odysseus, Rapunzel, the central character in Ceremony, Hercules, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Neo, the girl in 'V', the girl in Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few. A community populated with such heroes would be very interesting.

Willi: I disagree. There are numerous examples in the permaculture and sustainability sectors of entire neighborhoods, food forests and towns being initiated by causes and ending up transformed through a shared journey. Daily Acts is a journey engine!
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