Adding Resilience to Joseph Campbell's 4 Functions of Myth

Joseph Campbell formulated what became his most quoted dictum, "Follow your bliss" in the decade before his death. Join this conversation to explore this idea and share stories.

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Adding Resilience to Joseph Campbell's 4 Functions of Myth

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"Adding Resilience to Joseph Campbell's Four Functions of Mythology"
- Vision by Willi Paul,

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Our understanding and manipulation of the Universe has changed radically since the “awe and wonder” of the Campbellian era (see graphic). Clearly we require a new global pedagogy and a radical shift in how we deploy the old myths and create new ones.

Have you read the myth about global warming?

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Planners must look more expansively at developing local initiatives. We have access to many of the solutions we need locally. Permaculture offers a pathway to a positive transition beyond sustainability to resilient communities and is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies.
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