A terrible road, the road of truth

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A terrible road, the road of truth

Post by jufa » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:18 pm

It is a terrible road, the road of truth, for it makes us become responsible to that which has no breathe, no form, no depth, substance, yet which is the underlining cause of all that is, was, and shall forever be.

It is terrible in the sense that if we are sincere to it, it will not leave us with a trace of evidence of proof that IT IS, only a sense. This is why we are told we must become as little children, because children are totally dependent on their keepers.

We move away from this dependence, not willingly, but because we have suffered the teachings of our desires before we trusted in the unknown, and "we've been ingrained with that concept," good and evil is more powerful than God Principled Substance and Patterned Essence of His precepts, will, intent and purpose. Who told you you were naked, and convinces you of sin when God is your father?

What makes the road terrifying is there is no conclusion of even that which the mind transcends. Proof of cause cannot be found even when one testifies of them self. For cause to be, there must be a beginning. And even though the Father is the Alpha & Omega, this is only descriptive of the object which is the subject of His thoughts.

To be sure, the Father is "without father, without mother,without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life." Therefore the subject of I am is an emanation of the Father's conscious which is never becoming, it has always been whole, perfect, complete, and pure Spirit.

Man can never say he has mounted and overcame the waves of attributes he describes in human terms. The labeling fragments those attributes which are known in Pure Spirit form, but unknown to the sentient mind of senses. Man can only realize that which he is in human form is seen darkly. What can one see in the dark?
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