Land Sky River Stars. New Myth #46 by Willi Paul, NewMytholo

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Land Sky River Stars. New Myth #46 by Willi Paul, NewMytholo

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Land Sky River Stars. New Myth #46 by Willi Paul,

Entire Piece:

The Two Peak Tribe migrated to the northern range of the Oregon coastal mountains from Salt Lake City some 23 years ago, initially bound together as a Permaculture Guild. Tomu is a former ARMY grunt from South Chicago was squatting on the land adjunct to the river canyon when the missionaries showed up.

Cascadia, 2040 AD (

* * * * * * *

Tomu needs a way over to the sunny side of the river canyon. The Tribe’s current shady side is alongside a splashy waterfall and on top of a soil-poor land fertile enough to grow a food forest – and new stories for his people. 40 precarious feet to the next phase of their lives without a ladder or a leap of permie faith.


One night, Tomu dreams of a great black eagle who offers to help the Tribe cross the divide if he can raise his chicks in safety on the warmer mountainside. Eagle tells the Tribal children to gather hair and dried grasses so a strong twine can be spun.

Then Tomu wakes up!

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