Commitment is a word with branches

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Commitment is a word with branches

Post by jufa » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:20 am

Commitment is a word with branches - Julius Fann, Jr.

Commitment is a word which has branches, which have limbs, which produce leaves and fruits, and places for animals, insect, minerals and the likes to perform that given them to do. It is the tree of life, from my angle. And I am that tree of life, growing in the soil which blankets the earth of my living. Should I not be committed to the keeping of what I am, there can be no unyielding truth of commitment emanating and projecting to anything from Julius.

Commitment starts and ends with the individual, then is spread abroad. Should I not be committed to Julius, how can I earnestly be committed to my wife, my children, my job, or church?

Commitment is a straight line which does not deviate from the Principled Substance and Patterned Essence of my Spirit integrity to do what is right concerning all people, places and things not for my sake, but my Conscience peace and righteousness of mind.

Commitment is that which is unknown. Which keeps the order of the universe, and this earth from flying off into space. Commitment cannot be known, but it can be lived?
Never give power to anything a person believe is their source of strength - jufa