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Joseph Campbell believed that "...each of us has an individual myth that's driving us, which we may or may not know." This forum is for assistance and inspiration in the quest to find your own personal mythology.

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Breakfast Talk - J.Fann

Post by jufa » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:37 pm

Sat down to breakfast this morning and was served this. Passing it on, and as always, I approve this message, and say it is upon you to get the grit out of it you need according to what you know, not what you assume or belief. There is no reason or logically thought anyone can offer anyone else as to why they exist, or why it is written: "In the beginning God created.". With that said, the question is: will we or will we not accept what our soul's will or will not accept in due experience of truth, or assumptive interpreted belief..

I am saying everything we do, we do by thought. Thought come to us from an unknown source and place, not upon what is known, but what the ancients have projected upon visions of their experience, and each generation thereafter, has built into foundations of added experiences. So, placing this in our path, If a thought comes to us with the face of an angel or demon simultaneous, do we see it in the exactness of what it is in the invisible, or from images the ancients of days have provided? If it is only a thought, why does that thought have different interpretations and meaning to different individuals? Is it because each of our visions of perceptions depend upon our individual objective/subjective idealism of indoctrinated learning, according to our unique worlds of thinking, as the case here.

Why are these interpretations unique is the question? Is it because we live in different worlds inside or our souls, conscious, minds, imaginations, and interpreted thought visions and feeling?

What is true to us individually, is only relativism to others, and vice verse. This means what we do in our world is dependent upon the path we take according to whose will, according to whose understanding, and whose life of living? In any case, at this reading we know what is in our head certainly does not belong to any other person.. They are our individual experiences, and our thought way of living. Certainly not any other person's.

Our experiences gives us all the right to do what we want in our world, when we want, how we want, and where we want. Do we, or do we not have the right to believe and live the way we think, even when influenced by situations, circumstance, or conditions in the world of us? Yes we do. But we do not have that right, nor freedom in mine, nor any other person's world. Why? because as your world, my world is totally in dependent upon my outer objective visions, and inner subjective feelings.

Our universe of reasoning is our world of awareness because we are conduits which are purposed to provide guidance, paths, roads, and routes for thoughts we receive because we are units of a invisible thinking Consciousness. Nothing belongs to us, not even our lives, for it too was given to us without any thought, or reasoning, or input of ours. And irrespective of our thoughts path today, by the grace of Consciousness, how we see, in this moment our worlds, no matter the influence, we always have the right of will to freely say, I change my mind.
Never give power to anything a person believe is their source of strength - jufa