Five Stones

Joseph Campbell believed that "...each of us has an individual myth that's driving us, which we may or may not know." This forum is for assistance and inspiration in the quest to find your own personal mythology.

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Five Stones

Post by jufa » Fri May 08, 2015 1:31 pm

n our youth we come to a point we think we are grown. What is not realized, however, the moment big man/woman shoes are place on the feet, it will be noticed therefrom, one will always be, fighting the David and Goliath war within themselves, Philistine conditions, circumstances, and situations.

We are reminded David chose five (5) stones to go into battle with, but God told him he needed the use of only one. .So ask yourself, how many stones will you need, and is one (1) or five (5) enough to slay the Goliath, or obstacles in our everyday living?
Never give power to anything a person believe is their source of strength - jufa