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Theme for November 2019: Gratitude

Our gift to you this month is this short, fascinating foreword to The Portable Jung: Foreword to The Portable Jung (Esingle). Access this download for free until the end of the month.
Week 45 (November 4, 2019)
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The wonder is that the characteristic efficacy to touch and inspire deep creative centers dwells in the smallest nursery fairy tale—as the flavor of the ocean is contained in a droplet or the whole mystery of life within the egg of a flea. For the symbols of mythology are not manufactured; they cannot be ordered, invented, or permanently suppressed. They are spontaneous productions of the psyche, and each bears within it, undamaged, the germ power of its source

Week 46 (November 11, 2019)
Offerings for the week of November 11, 2019
Dancing With The Dragon from our Campbell in Culture area.

My magnificent master and great friend of many years ago, Heinrich Zimmer (1890-1943), had a saying: “The best things can’t be told: the second best are misunderstood.” The second best are misunderstood because, as metaphors poetically of what cannot be told, they are misread prosaically as referring to tangible facts.

Week 47 (November 18, 2019)
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A Blissful Journey from our Campbell in Culture area.

Our outward-oriented consciousness, addressed to the demands of the day, may lose touch with these inward forces; and the myths, states Jung, when correctly read, are the means to bring us back in touch.

-- Joseph Campbell
Week 48 (November 25, 2019)
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Enough is a feast by Arul Irudayam. Used through a Creative Commons license MythBlast | The Birth of Tenderness, contributed by Bradley Olson.
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Mythologies present games to play: how to make believe you’re doing thus and so. Ultimately, through the game, you experience that positive thing which is the experience of being-in-being, of living meaningfully. That’s the first function of a mythology, to evoke in the individual a sense of grateful affirmative awe before the monstrous mystery that is existence.

-- Joseph Campbell