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What makes an inspired teacher?

As we step into February, the Joseph Campbell Foundation is celebrating teaching that breaks open our ideas, challenges our assumptions, and invites us to see the world full of glistening possibility.

More than anything, Joseph Campbell was a teacher. He spent almost forty years teaching undergraduate students at Sarah Lawrence College, and found audiences eager to learn from his first public lecture in 1940 onwards, from the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, to Cooper Union in New York City, to his intimate conversations with Bill Moyers in The Power of Myth, which reached learners and seekers world wide.

”He freed the boundaries of my mind,” said Nancy Sureck, the class of 1950, who took Mr. Campbell’s class 40 years ago. ”He could travel across centuries, and he could travel across continents. He made us think differently.”  NYTimes, 1988

With Campbell’s fire for teaching as our guide, we are looking to our extraordinary community of scholars, artists, questers, wonderers, thinkers, imaginers, and dreamers to be one another’s inspired teachers.The JCF Mythological Resources Database is a growing reference collection of inspired teachings – books, journals, teaching tools, digital publications, art, and more – on mythology, built by our community for our community (and those who wander by) to help each other travel across continents and centuries and free the boundaries of our minds.

Please come by and share the sources that bring myth to life for you.  Introduce us to the teachers that have made you think differently.

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Together, we can be a community of inspired teachers.

Thank you!

All the best,

Leigh Melander, Ph.D.

About Leigh

Leigh has an eclectic background in the arts and organizational development, working with inviduals and organizations in the US and internationally for over 20 years. She has a doctorate in cultural mythology and psychology and wrote her dissertation on frivolity as an entry into the world of imagination. Her writings on mythology and imagination can be seen in a variety of publications, and she has appeared on the History Channel, as a mythology expert. She also hosts a radio who on an NPR community affiliate: Myth America, an exploration into how myth shapes our sense of identity. Leigh and her husband opened Spillian, an historic lodge and retreat center celebrating imagination in the Catskills, and works with clients on creative projects. She is honored to serve as the Vice President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Board of Directors.

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