Mythic Reads & the JCF Bookstore

ex-librisJoseph Campbell observed that one of the best ways to delve deep into any subject is to find an author whose work touches you and read the books that writer read. The same holds for Campbell’s work. Of course, as many have noted, it can be a tedious task to search through the footnotes and bibliographies of every book he’s written.

Others ask about the state of mythology in the post-Campbell era: who are the scholars and authors contributing to the field today, and where can their work be found?

One place to seek answers is JCF’s online bookstore, which has been offline several months as we have worked to rebuild and adapt it for the new website.

Here you’ll find not only all of Joseph Campbell’s titles, but also books by scholars who influenced Campbell, authors Campbell cited, contemporary contributions to the field of mythology aimed at both general and academic audiences, and much more.

Visit the JCF Bookstore

After clicking on the link to the JCF Bookstore, you’ll find the menu on the right of each bookstore page lists 27 distinct categories—”Sacred Voices,” “Shapers of the Field,” etc.—many with multiple subcategories (e.g., “Ritual Studies,” “Feminine Images in Myth,” “Shamanism,” and more, collected under the broad rubric of “Contemporary Voices”). Though this can seem confusing to first time visitors, once you click on a category in the list you’ll find its description at the top of the page.

One of the most popular categories is Campbell’s Reading List, books Campbell assigned in his mythology course at Sarah Lawrence.

And we have added a new category — Mythic Fiction — novels inspired by or centered around mythic themes.

When you begin your Amazon shopping experience in our online store, JCF receives 5% of everything you place in your Amazon cart that you purchase over the next 24 hours—even if not from our store, or not even a book! (JCF has received fees on items from computers to Cuisinarts—not sure if that’s intentional, but we are grateful.)

Should you prefer a local brick-and-mortar store or one of Amazon’s online competitors, browsing the selections in the JCF bookstore can still be of value in helping you decide what to purchase through other outlets.

Of course, current titles just scratch the surface. More selections will be added over time.

In fact, we could use your help looking for relevant titles—especially fleshing out the new Mythic Fiction category. Feel free to share recommendations in an email to [email protected].