NewsBlast | Mythic Ideas & Modern Culture Final Three Lectures Now Available!

We’re delighted to announce the release of the final three lectures in Series II, volume 6 of the Joseph Campbell Audio Collection: Mythic Ideas and Modern Culture.

Joseph Campbell presents mythic ideas and concepts with a unique perspective of modern cultures. Looking at the way that modern culture grew from myth, these lectures continue to illuminate and enlighten us as we move forward in the twenty-first century.

In the third lecture, “Mythologies of Today,” Joseph Campbell explores the Grail Legend and the cosmological function of mythology, offering us a unique perspective on “Mythology Today”. Listen as he describes the Levantine forms that collided with Europe and how that takes us to the three ages of spirit. This is Campbell doing what he does best!

In the fourth lecture, “Confrontation: Religion and Society,” Campbell looks at what happens when you mix religion and society. He begins by looking at the recognition of the divine, and brings us to a conclusion of the affirmation of life. How? Listen as Joe offers his thoughts on the troubadour tradition, the role of an individual and scientific advancements.

In the fifth lecture—”Mythology & Art,” the last in Series II—Joseph Campbell speaks about “proper and improper art” following a dance presentation by his wife, Jean Erdman. His commentary on mythology and art covers an eastern perspective of art and how that relates to mythology of today.

Download Lecture II.6.3 — Mythologies of Today

Download Lecture II.6.4 — Confrontation: Religion and Society

Download Lecture II.6.5 — Mythology & Art

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