Actress Pamela Anderson cites Campbell as Inspiration for Collecting Art

Actress Pamela Anderson cited Joseph Campbell as an inspiration for her interest in collecting art. In a piece for Financial Times, Anderson states, “Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, who was really into mythology and fairytales, and I think that’s where my interest in art started – just fantasy and not knowing where your life ends and your dreams begin. He taught me a lot and I started reading very young: Carl Jung, The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly. I was really into that, and so when I came to LA on my first plane ride and I landed on Gay Pride day I ended up at the Playboy mansion as this kind of open person, who was really full of fairytales and imagination. And everything just played into that. I loved art and I loved what I was seeing; it felt like a big movie. Still does.” To read Anderson’s complete article, click here.


From Financial Times on September 23, 2020