Reflections on Campbell from Art Institute Chicago

In a reflection on art and the impact of museums from Sarah Gray, Director of Member and Visitor Engagement at the Art Institute Chicago, she states, “Often I go to specific galleries for their architecture as much as for the collection they display. Sometimes I look out for a particular color to trace its stories through time and place. The moments when a work resonates make me want to take a closer look, to spend a moment allowing myself to see a part of myself I might not have seen before or totally forgotten I loved. In a series called The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell said to Bill Moyers that we respond to a work of art because the order of the work mirrors the order of our souls. Often, I suppose, I simply need to see the order of my soul reflected back.”

To read Gray’s entire piece on the Art Institute Chicago site, click here.


From Art Institute Chicago on February 2, 2021