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The Heroine’s Journey

Mike Sandrock writes for the Daily Camera about Sara Avant Stover, a writer who applies Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, to the life of the modern female in her new book The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart...


We Have Our Own Personal Missions

Rachel Ritlop writes for Forbes about the best ways to help cope with life’s demands. According to Ritlop, the secret is to develop a personal mission statement. By focusing in on a single directive,...


Forbes Breaks Down the Hero’s Journey

Todd Wilms writes for Forbes and breaks down the 17 stages of the Hero’s Journey and how it relates to Fantasy and Fairytales in relation to our current generation. Wilms establishes a connection between...

Immigration Meets the Hero’s Journey

Peter Keough writes for The Boston Globe, taking a look at the 2015 film “The Great Man,” in which immigration and legal status play a huge barrier in the fight for freedom. The film...


Eminem Fuels the Hero’s Journey

Neil Strauss writes for the New York Times about the roots of Eminem’s lyrics. In this fantastic article, Strauss not only finds references to Campbell’s work, but discovers Eminem might just be the modern Hero.    


The Hero’s Journey in Fairy Tales

Maria Tatar writes for the New York Time about The Hero’s Journey and how it is one of the essential pieces to a memorable Fairy Tale. The article includes an incredibly in depth analysis of Fairy...


The Hero Inside All of Us

Jen Waters writes for The Washington Times about classics of American Cinema and how Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey influenced each and every one of them. Waters explores the effect that films can have in people, manipulating...


Pixar’s Ed Catmull on books that shaped him

On his blog, Tim Ferris writes “Who are the mentors to billionaires, chess prodigies, rockstars, and mega-bestselling authors? Who teaches them to do what they do? To achieve the success they achieve? Oftentimes… it’s...