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Acclaimed Jeweler Points to Campbell as Inspiration

Acclaimed Jeweler and creator of Bee Goddess, Ece Sirin points to Joseph Campbell, and specifically his book, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine as inspiration for her celebrated work. She told Vanity Fair, “He...


Star Wars and The Hero With a Thousand Faces

“It’s no secret that Star Wars director George Lucas was profoundly influenced by comparative mythologist and literature professor Joseph Campbell and his seminal work The Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949). In case you don’t know what that book contains,...


The Modern Myth of Rock & Roll

Wayne Wise writes for the Pittsburg Post-Gazette about Steven Hyden’s new book, Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock. Hyden uses Joseph Campbell’s the Hero’s Journey structure to tell the...