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Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell16 hours ago
In a 1907 letter to his wife, Clara (a fine artist and sculptor in her own right, who had studied with, among others, Auguste Rodin), Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “Only as though with their radiance can things reach us, and just as the magnet rouses and organises the forces in something susceptible to it, so they, through their influence, create within us a new ordering...”

...from this week's MythBlast from Bradley Olson.
Sergiohector Montenegro
Sergiohector Montenegro6 days ago
mira vossss
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell1 week ago
What does it mean to be an independent human being? This week's MythBlast from Bradley Olson, PhD.
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell shared Stephen Gerringer's post.1 week ago
Our theme at the Joseph Campbell Foundation this month is independence... Please join us in the Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythic Salon for an ongoing conversation about how independence and Campbell's thoughts on bliss and creativity intersect! Just hop on over and ask to join the party...
Sergio Vallone
Sergio Vallone2 weeks ago

Milton H.Erickson, who was the greatest hypnotherapist in the world, in the initial frame of a video published by me in my YouTube profile Avalon Red,
The video has been improved with technical features compared to the original January 1977 recovery in Phoenix, Arizona

MIlton H.Erickson, che è stato il più grande ipnoterapeuta al mondo,nell'inquadratura iniziale di un video da me edito nel mio profilo YouTube Avalon Red,
Il video è stato migliorato con accorgimenti tecnici rispetto all'originale ripresa del gennaio 1977 a Phoenix,Arizona
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell2 weeks ago
On independence, audacity, and bliss...from Leigh Melander, Ph.D.