Boss Level: How to Hack Your Way to the Top of Your Career

Location: Indio, California

Date of Publication: February 21, 2018

Author: J. P. Lethcoe

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Boss Level uses the idea of “leveling up” a character in an video game to show teens and young adults HOW to HACK life’s greatest QUEST: their CAREER.

Many teens are uniformed about HOW to make it as an adult once they leave their HOME and accept their CALL TO ADVENTURE. In Boss Level, young adults are shown how to look at their 20s as a time to SOLO and gain EXPERIENCE (XP) while MEETING THE MENTORS who will equip them with the knowledge or skills they will need for their CAREER QUEST. In their 30s, they will learn how to add LOOT and GEAR to their RESUMES for the ROAD of TRIALS in the DUNGEONS of their 40s. Finally, “newbies” will learn how to use all of their EXPERIENCE to face down the DRAGON BOSS, obtain APOTHEOSIS, and receive the ULTIMATE BOON in their 50s. A combination of knowing the CAREER HACKS with tried and true EXPERIENCE will guide them to the top of their career to finally become an “elite” life player and reach the BOSS LEVEL.

When young people can look at their own lives as an EPIC QUEST to build up their ARMOR, SKILLS, and XP like they do in a video game, they can transform their thinking about what it takes to become a BOSS in real life.

Boss Level by J.P. Lethcoe is perfect for recent high school or college graduates.


This resource was suggested by Jeff Lethcoe

About Jeff Lethcoe:

J.P. Lethcoe has been teaching students ages 12 to 25 for over 30 years how to have the vision to succeed in their own lives. He holds an M.A. in Humanities. Lethcoe utilizes Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as backdrops for his Massively Multiplayer Real Life Role Playing Game theory (MMRLRPG). You can follow the Boss Level Blog at