Myth, Magic, and Metaphor : A Journey Into the Heart of Creativity

Date of Publication: February 24, 2015

Author: Patricia Daly-Life

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Myth, Magic & Metaphor takes the reader on a journey into the heart of creativity. The little tome attempts to awaken the aesthetic sense, the creative muse who lurks within us all. Today, in a cognitive/technical society, people have become more and more removed from the instinctive aspect of the psyche. My task as author is to enhance the creative spirit through myth and metaphor, to restore the sense of wonder adults experienced as children. My method is multisensory, interdisciplinary, and holistic. There are no limitations to what thoughts, ideas, observations, or research could and might be used to stimulate the creative process. The ultimate tool is the human heart (from the French, coeur, meaning courage). The medium is words. Philosophy, art, music, and linguistics are some of the disciplines used as stimulation.