Practical Campbell Essay: Spirit Wind

Date of Publication: May 10, 2007

Author: Stephen Gerringer

In this Practical Campbell essay, Stephen Gerringer follows a single mythic image, letting it take him wherever the wind blows.

Air, Wind, and Breath are subtle expressions of a universal archetype common not just to pre-literate cultures, but a source of exquisite imagery found in all mythologies, mystical traditions, and metaphysical systems.

Is all in the imagination, or do mythological images reference real experiences, available and accessible to real people in the real world?

We’ll explore this question by taking a cue from Campbell’s description of mårga—pick up the traces of a single universal motif at its source in collective human experience, and follow its trail through a variety of languages, cultures, and mythological systems, to see if this path might indeed point to personal illumination.

Where does our journey begin?

With a deep breath…

Download the full essay (PDF)

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