The Pegasus Doctrine

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Date of Publication: November 9, 2018

Author: Stevi Lee

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This story pulls you from the current time frame into a world of past lives and the discovery that the mythological personae of Poseidon, Medusa, Zeus, and others were those of people alive today.  The plot of The Pegasus Doctrine revolves around an archaeological dig where that document was discovered but the story revolves round mythology and storytelling.  The characters of Nikko (Poseidon) and Sarah (Medusa); not to mention Kronos and his horses (including Pegasus) react to others in a very unusual way.  Deep passion between Nikko and Sarah turns into anarchy and in order for them to find out who they and their friends truly are, they must learn from the past and who they were.  Hence, the uncovering of The Pegasus Doctrine.  This is about youth questioning who they are, the roles that they play and understanding the depth and the relevance of mythology in our daily lives.

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About Stevi Lee Pasquella:

I wrote The Pegasus Doctrine when my baby was 2 years old. Spent many years in editing - no pushcart prize coming out of this but it meant a lot to me - still does. My son is now a soldier in the U.S. Army; guess that means I am free to write again. I think it was Michael Wiese (producer) who first led me to fall in love with Joe's works. I am at your service. It's a light read it on Amazon Kindle. Thank you.