You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey

Location: Woolwich, Maine

Date of Publication: October 9, 2018

Author: Susanna Liller

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You Are a Heroine introduces the Hero’s Journey schema to women who haven’t read Joseph Campbell and who don’t know that the powerful journey model applies to their life just as much as it does to the lives of our male cultural heroes. Liller wants women to learn about the model so it can be a powerful confidence-generating engine in their lives. “The author’s straightforward, conversational writing is a pleasure, but it’s her ability to help women interpret their circumstances in a more adventurous, intuitive way that makes this book unique. While male heroes have been traditionally defined by their physical battles, “Heroineism,” Liller writes, “is about having the courage to expand from within. You Are a Heroine gives us a fresh way of seeing just how far we can go.” – Blue Ink Starred Review

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About Susanna Liller:

Similar to many women, I have worn multiple professional hats (which I enjoy wearing). At the end of 2019, I closed the door on a 25+ career as an organizational-development consultant, executive coach and mediator in order to create more room for my women’s empowerment business, Ruby Slippers, LLC. which I started in 2000. This book is a compilation of what I teach to women in that business. No matter what hat I'm wearing... women’s workshop leader, writer and musician, my career, whether mediating, facilitating or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. I believe that everyone’s journey in work and life exists to transform them to a higher level of being. I see myself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process.
Susanna lives on a small farm in Woolwich along with her husband Robin, four overfed sheep, two chatty hens, Merlin the cross-eyed Maine Coon cat, and a wimpy one-hundred-pound dog named Max.

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