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Date of Giving Tuesday: November 27, 2018

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BLESSINGS is our theme this month –– and the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) is doing its best to share its blessings with you. Each month JCF offers a free gift related to that month’s theme (often a Joseph Campbell essay or audio lecture download); JCF also posts different free treats on our website every week – including audio and video excerpts from Campbell lectures, along with a useful mythological resource; our MythBlasts present essays from a different scholar each week that explore mythic concepts in greater detail; JCF’s Mythological RoundTable® Program sponsors 60 groups meeting in local communities around the globe, and administers the Mythic Salon on Facebook as a safe and friendly space for “conversations of a higher order.”

This is in addition to our primary mission of preserving, protecting, and perpetuating Joseph Campbell’s work (which includes making as much material as possible available to the general public). JCF does not rely on an endowment fund or inherited trust to pay those expenses, but is a working foundation that earns its keep.

Giving Tuesday – a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media, always celebrated on the Tuesday following the US Thanksgiving holiday – kicks off the charitable season on November 27. This year we’re asking you to consider sharing some of your BLESSINGS with us.

There are two ways you can help us continue this work:

  1. Through a direct donation. Consider the impact Joseph Campbell’s vision has had in your life, and visit to give what you are able so that others, too, might have that same opportunity. JCFis a 501 c (3) not-for-profit corporation, so your contribution should be fully tax-deductible.  (As a special gift in honor of your generosity, we’d like to offer you a free eBook download of one the world’s greatest collection of folk myths and fairy tales, The Thousand and One Nights, translated by John Payne and edited by Joseph Campbell – just follow the prompt at the bottom of the donation page.)
  2. By downloading Campbell’s work from our site. When you download audio lectures or ebooks from our site, 100% of the money you give goes toward supporting JCF’s on-going projects. And you get a great piece of Joseph Campbell’s thought-provoking work to boot!
  3. By using Amazon Smile. If you order books and other holiday gifts through Amazon, this option costs you nothing. Simply start your Amazon shopping experience at Sign-in as you would to your existing Amazon account and type “Joseph Campbell Foundation” into the field as your designated charitable organization; JCF will then receive 0.5% of whatever you order through Amazon. That might seem a pittance, but the more people who do so, the more it adds up.

Joseph Campbell doesn’t speak at great length about money, but what he does say is telling:

“MONEY is congealed energy and releasing it releases life possibilities. . . . It has to do with energy distribution. What are you going to do with your money? What factor in your own consciousness are you going to favor in the spending of your money?” (A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living)

All we ask is that you keep JCF in mind when reflecting on ways to share your blessings this season.


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