Welcome to the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Network

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Welcome to the Table

The Joseph Campbell® Foundation Mythological RoundTable® (MRT) Network groups are gatherings of people drawn together by a deep and abiding interest in all things mythological. Much like the Round Table of yore, it is a place where individual and community come together — a place to play, plan, create, partake in ritual, and share tales of one’s own quest with companions well met. But the Mythological RoundTable® groups do more than just enrich the individual; they also offer the opportunity to introduce Joseph Campbell’s work to the wider community, carrying his vision off the page and out into the real world.

There is no set curriculum for Mythological RoundTable® gatherings — each group takes on the character of those who form it. Membership and activities vary widely, from groups as small as five members gathering every few months to watch Sukavati or The Power of Myth in someone’s living room, to those as large as 300 or more scheduling myth-related lectures, performances, or other organized activities on a monthly basis.

As part of our Mythological RoundTable® Program, we publish the 49 page resource-rich MRT Leader’s Guide and provide mentors to leaders of new MRT groups.

New Mythological RoundTable® groups are labeled “Emerging” – once we determine a group has met the few standards laid out in the MRT Leader’s Guide, the local MRT group attains “Chartered” status. Apart from these minimum requirements, Mythological RoundTable® groups remain largely autonomous and free to evolve in ways that best meet the needs of their community.

  • FAQ: Mythological RoundTable® Groups

    How do I find a Mythological RoundTable® Group in my area?

    Visit the MRT map…

    What are the steps to starting a new MRT group?

    The path to becoming an official JCF Mythological RoundTable® (MRT) Group consists of the following 12 steps:

    1. You, the prospective MRT Leader, contact us through the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Request Form.
    2. The MRT Progam Coordinator will reply to you with a welcome email.
    3. You will receive the MRT Leader’s Guide — providing details, resources and guidelines.
    4. You reply with a commitment to launch a new MRT Group.
    5. You create a JCF account and then let the MRT Program Coordinator know (they’ll give you MRT Leader access).
    6. You set up new MRT group page on the JCF website.
    7. You set up social media accounts (optional).
    8. You secure a venue for your first MRT Group gathering.
    9. You plan your first event, post it on the JCF events calendar, and then send invitations.
    10. You host the event – have an awesome time!
    11. Repeat.
    12. Earn a charter – MRT Groups that meet regularly over the course of a year and meet all MRT standards will shed the cocoon of their “Emerging” status to become “Chartered” JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group.

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