JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group Event

Living Myth: A Practical Roadmap

January 22, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Jane Bancroft Cook Library, New College
5800 Bay Shore Rd
Sarasota, FL 34243
Lisa Cedrone
Both Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung held that myths are a fundamental expression of humankind, encoded in the psyche and a part of the collective unconscious; they represent the evolution of wisdom and consciousness throughout the ages. Yet in today’s Western world, most people have lost the ability to use myth and metaphor— describing something in a way that isn’t literally true to help explain it or make a comparison—as an evolving framework for Self- and cultural development.
“A myth is dead if it no longer lives and grows.” —Carl Jung
How can we learn to nourish the seeds of myth and metaphor in our modern culture and access their symbolism and archetypes to enrich our everyday life? Facilitator Paul Boivin will take us on a journey into Joseph Campbell’s concepts and provide a practical roadmap for creating a practice that addresses five areas: thinking, feeling, moving, sharing and creating. Dr. Galin McGowan, a Jungian Analyst and current president of board of the C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota, will take part in the conversation. This framework will set the stage for the two following RoundTables in the 2020 series, which will address creative art making and accessing other realms of consciousness in relation to Jung’s Individuation process, a developmental path to Self-realization and wholeness.
Join in discussions inspired by the lifework of mythologist and comparative religion expert Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell®️ Foundation Mythological Roundtable®️ (MRT) network groups are gatherings of people interested in all things mythological. They are designed to enrich us as individuals and offer the opportunity to introduce Joseph Campbell’s work to the wider community. Hosted in partnership with the C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota, MRT gatherings will bring together presenters and the community to expand our conscious understanding of the interplay between mythology and Jungian psychology, as well as the evolution of the human psyche and society as a whole. Paul Boivin—a lifelong Joseph Campbell enthusiast and a Sarasota-based business entrepreneur who helped to establish the Sarasota MRT in 2015—will facilitate the meetings.
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