Mythological RoundTable® Group of Eugene, OR
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Are you interested in all things mythological?  Have you been craving intelligent yet fun conversation and connection on various mythic topics ?  Yes? Then, please join us at the next gathering of the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Eugene, OR. Mythology is much greater than just Greek and Roman myths. Joseph Campbell knew myths are around us all every day. This group will explore ancient and modern myths, discuss the power of imagery and icons, and thoughtfully play with those most mythic types of language: metaphor, poetry, analogy, and symbolism.

As this is an emerging group, meetings will initially be held quarterly.  Please contact Dr. Margaret Merisante: [email protected] for further information or to be placed on the mailing list (never publicly shared).

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RoundTable Contact: Margaret Merisante, Ph.D.

RoundTable Status: Emerging