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Nossa missão é promover o estudo de narrativa, mitologia e religião comparada por meio da obra do mitólogo norte-americano Joseph Campbell.

We are a group of Brazilian scholars and researchers, from different areas of knowledge, as Journalism, Communication, Theology, and Psychology, interested in contributing to the development of the study of Campbell’s works in Brazil.

Our main mission is, through Joseph Campbell works, promote narrative, mythology, and comparative religion studies.

Our vision: understand the mythic perspective in the contemporary world, supporting the development of a world more tolerant, human, ecumenical, creative, fair, and sustainable.

Be welcome to join Granja Viana – SP Roundtable Circle in our 2010 adventure: during this year, we will be debating Joseph Campbell book Myths to Live By.

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RoundTable Contact: Monica Martinez

RoundTable Status: Chartered