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The Center for Symbolic Studies was originally inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, and has had a mythological RoundTable since the early 1990’s. Early years featured reviewing all the films and videos of Campbell lecturing, with commentary by Stephen and Robin Larsen, his authorized biographers.

In 2006, a regular monthly program on mythological subjects was instituted, with Stephen and Robin lecturing and dialoguing with guest presenters, on subjects dear to Campbell: Shamanism, Romantic Love, the Hero Journey.

Past programs has featured guest lecturers Rich Schwab on Harry Potter and the Hero Journey, Dr. Nicholas Brink on the Beowulf legend and “Loki’s Children,” Ramona Fradon on “The Gnostic Faustus,” and Jennifer Barker on the myth of Persephone and her powerful presence in the modern world.

Our RoundTable meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday; watch our webpage and our CSS Calendar for other presentations that reach both deep and wide.

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